Gernail's Jungjoo Dictionary For Dummies

In loving memory of Bin Qasim

  1. Pious - adjectivehypocritical display of piety by wearing younger brothers salwar (knee length) and/or wrapping your wives head in cloth large enough for a tent and/or dutiful & loyal to the idea of killing non-muslims for sake of heaven.
  2. Mard-e-momin/mumin - noun, supremacist and racist male of bedouin origin and/or ability to fake bedouin origin. 
  3. Khwateens - noun, wife or daughter or presently sister but future wife or slave of mard-e-momin.
  4. Jungjoo - noun, supremacist and racist panjabi male faking bedouin origin, who loses all fight yet claims victory.
  5. Baniya - noun, singular. Baniye, plural. A brown male living on the east of Indus or of Indian origin, who is ever dutiful to pay jizya.
  6. Jannah - noun, a place for jungjoo mumin who carries out pious deeds such as killing a kuffr or perceived kuffr, to enjoy company of 72 ageless whores. Also be seen as imaginary reward for real-hypocritical display of piety.
  7. Jahannum - noun, a place for all kuffrs including joos, baniyas, shias, ahmedis and bacon eaters; with no access to ageless whores. 
  8. Pyare - adjective, used in a tweet when the person is hated but public etiquette demands playing taqiyya. Ideally, every tweet with pyare is to be followed by a subtle threat.
  9. Saudi Barbaria - a country which is ammi jaan of jungjoo biradars but only if they white enough. Also a country that loans dinar for any jihad on kuffr soil.  
  10. Persians - noun, a native of Persia or any person leaning towards shias or is anti-saudi barbaria.
  11. Bacon eaters - noun, a person, usually a kuffr residing to the west of arabia, who chooses to eat pig and thus becoming a blasphemer and worthy of beheading.
  12. Kuffr - noun, any person that opposes biradars right to peaceful jihad. Usually, this person is to provide jizya if they wish to live in peace.
  13. Nishan-e-rand - adjectivea person showing deep bias in favour of jungjoo quam and fauj, and indulges in peddling lies to discredit kuffrs or glorifying fauj. Also, is available to share my tent *sharam*
  14. Ogay - informal exclamation, used to display stupidity of jungjoo quam.
  15. Thin eyes - noun, typically a person of mongol origin, and who funds my legitimate jihad on baniyas.
  16. Cheeni - noun, a person with thin eyes and ready to veto any action on pious biradars like Molana Masood Azhar.
  17. For goat sake - idiomdisplay outrage, surprise when kuffrs speak truth about fauj or jungjoo quam. Also, used to display disapproval at annoying behaviour of gaddars that disagree with legitimate aspiration of fauj.
  18. Goat willing - phrasetypically used to when shit hits the roof or when world no.1 fauj is planning a deceptive jungjoo attack on kuffrs.
  19. OMA - informal exclamationUsed to display shock. Etymology, fighting western conspiracy of introducing their fake imaginary god into our language by replacing with my real imaginary god
  20. Dinar - noun, monetary unit that our masters in arab land throw at us to quell uprisings in their peaceful lands. Also, used when our masters give us money to hold their Islamic bum or train their biradars in the art of dying.
  21. Malika-i-Hind - noun, the love of my life. She is bright, beautiful and full of life (talkative), so unlike the obedient goats in my tent. 
  22. Grow up - verbtypically used when a grown up person, chooses to behave like a gaddar by condemning fauj's legitimate right to rule from Pindi. 
  23. Phuleaze - verb, used to show disgust at the other persons ridiculous opinion, which obviously is against legitimate aspiration of world no.1 fauj.
  24. Brof/Broffessor - noun, Mostly used to refer Kristeen UnFair but could be extended for any academic that wastes dollars in ridiculous research deploring our war by terror.
  25. Bae - noun, a person who usually indulges in fauji propaganda against illegitimate yet democratically elected politicians or someone who lies to protect world no.1 fauj's image.
  26. Islamophobia - mass noun, when a kuffr or a murtard or a mulhid or a sane truthful person knows Islam and t's history better than they are supposed to know.


  1. It is a class of it's own, a new genre.
    Should get Nobel prize or equivalent in literature/peace (?)


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